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I don't waste my time, oh no!

I spent waaaaayy too much time on this, but it was totally worth it! I think given the current circumstances we could all use a laugh.

This is digital audio played using the DMA in BASIC on the ZX Spectrum Next. Simon Goodwin had posted some code a short while back demoing the ZX Next playing back digital audio with the DMA in BASIC and I have adapted it for this.

You even get to see Rick bobbing around to the tune as an added bonus! I spent way too much time on that bit too, but again it was totally worth it and if I've made one person smile I'm happy.

You can install this on the SD card, but for the program to run you need to bank the code first. I've put instructions in the program itself, but you can just do 'BANK 50 LINE 400,800' and then just RUN the program.

This has been tested and works in CSpect at 60hz and HDMI 50/60hz on real hardware. Both were on NextOS 2.06N core 3.01.08 firmware 1.29.

PLEASE NOTE: It has been noticed upon testing that the new NextOS 2.07, core 3.01.10 and firmware 1.31 causes slow downs in this demo. The music plays a lot slower and the switching of layer 2 banks for the animation is a lot slower too. Hopefully this will be resolved in a future update.


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