A downloadable demo

Welcome to the Zoosters Demo for the ZX Spectrum Next!

This was written entirely in NextBASIC and is packaged up in a TAP file for you to put on your ZX Spectrum Next and enjoy. It is compatible with the latest version of NextOS on the ZX Spectrum Next website which, at the time of writing, is 2.06H.

I've been working on it on and off since October last year and am really excited to be sharing it with you now!

It features awesome music kindly provided by Paul Hesso aka Noise by Night. The track is a conversion of the live performance by Hans Zimmer of the remix of the Zoosters Breakout track from the film Madagascar and was created using NextDAW.

The demo features several different visual effects which are all timed to appear at certain points in the track using the Spectrum's internal clock and will work with 50Hz or 60Hz. The program detects what frequency you're running in and changes the timings to ensure the track is in sync with the effects. By using the same method the vertical position of the text scrollers is automatically adjusted so they are not cut off in 60Hz.

You are able to place the file on an external drive if you prefer as the program will detect the drive letter you have placed the file in. When the program is loading a temporary directory is created so the NextDAW driver can be saved to the SD card, installed and then all temporary files removed, including the driver from the temporary directory as it is no longer needed after it is installed.

The following video modes have been tested:

  • HDMI - 50/60Hz
  • VGA modes 0-2 - 50/60Hz

Please let me know if you have any issues running it. It has been developed in the CSpect emulator, and it will run on here, but performance will be better on real hardware.

The video was captured in CSpect and uses the 'no sound' switch to get smooth performance with the track playing seperately in the background. It only ran smoothly in 48Hz in line with my laptop monitor refresh rate. The actual demo runs much better on real hardware as intended. If you have issues with stuttering while watching the Youtube video try setting the quality to 720p48.

I really hope you enjoy my first demo as much as I have enjoyed coding it and I'd love to hear what you think!


Zoosters.tap 449 kB


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This is so awesome!! More demos please!!!  Great meeting you at the retro computer museum!  This is going in my next vid!!

Thanks. Was great to meet you too. More demos are being worked on :)

Just fantastic!!

Thanks :)